About Me

My name is Laura and i am a tea addict!

My company focuses on high quality luxury loose leaf teas and herbal infusions that were grown and picked from all over the world.
You will be able to find loose leaf green teas which come from Sri Lanka, China and Japan.
Green teas have low caffeine content and are perfect for anyone who wants to cut down on caffeine and start a healthier life.
The Herbal Teahouse also offers herbal flowers, herbal roots and herbal leaves which are caffeine free.
If you wish to learn how to make your own blend, there are few variations on how to do it yourself at home by only using few herbs and combine them together to create a new taste and aroma.
It's all about improvising !

Being a big fan of flavours and impressed by how herbs can help us feel better and improve our wellbeing i decided to explore more
and go deeper into understanding about mother nature and the benefits it has to offer. My company only sells teas and herbs that i drink myself and am proud to share it with you.

On the website you can find top quality teas and herbal infusions if you want to improve your sleep, digestive system,
lift up your mood and give yourself a boost on busy days, or simply enjoy a nice cup of tea. Herbal teas as well as green teas improve the body's general wellbeing and metabolism.
Loose leaf tea and herbal infusions are fantastic products and their popularity and demand keeps growing.

I am very excited to be a part of this aromatic, informative and creative journey with you! 

Let's go to explore more!