Ceylon Gunpowder Green Tea 100g

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Origin country: Dimbula, Sri Lanka - the tea from this district is described as refreshing and mellow due to a very wet and misty weather for most of the year.

Ceylon is named after the place where the leaves are grown in Sri Lanka.
Ceylon was once a British colony producing coffee. However the coffee industry had to end due to a plant disease called coffee-rust.
That's when farmers took over and began a new successful industry.

Our Ceylon Gunpowder Green Tea is full bodied with a low caffeine content - approx 20mg per cup.
It has a nutty flavour with high fired character. Energising and refreshing!
Ceylon Gunpowder Green Tea is one of the stronger teas available for flavour.

Luxury Ceylon Gunpowder Green Tea leaves are hand picked from fresh tender tea buds.
Each Ceylon Gunpowder Green Tea leaf is tightly rolled by hand, this technique requires a high level of skill and time.

Ceylon Gunpowder Green tea boosts the metabolism and decreases risk of disease.

The content weight of one pouch is 100g.