Jasmine Green Tea 100g

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Origin Country: China, Fujian Province.

Jasmine Green Tea's history goes back as far as China's Ming dynasty 1368-1644 where it became so popular it continued it's journey for a long time.
 Anything floral was very popular during Ming dynasty, floral fragments were used on paintings, porcelain decor, literature and the obsession with jasmine flavour kept increasing.
Jasmine Green Tea was the first flavored green tea to be shipped out of China for trade back in 1800s. Since then the world loves this perfumed tea.

Our natural Jasmine loose leaf Green Tea is blended using the finest jasmine buds and luxury green tea from Fujian Province in China.
This particular Jasmine green tea blend offers a light refreshing taste with a nice floral aroma.
This Jasmine loose leaf green tea is a mix of luxurious loose leaf green tea and jasmine petals and has a low caffeine content, is cleansing and refreshing.

The weight of one individual pack is 100g.