Tea Taster Selection Box With A Ball Infuser

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This beautfiful loose leaf sample gift will be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates high quality loose leaf teas.
Only finest quality teas have been selected for this particular gift , interesting variety and lots of different flavours!

This gift contains:

10g Silver Needle White Tea
Fujian Province, China. Grown: 2500 - 4000ft above sea level.
Ingredients: Luxury White Tea

12g White Monkey Paw Green Tea - Fujian Province, Wuyi Mountain, China.
Grown: 2500 - 5000 ft.
Caffeine 20mg per cup.

12g White Tip Oolong - Ingredients: Luxury Oolong Tea
Origin Country: Pei Pu, Taiwan Grown: 1200 ft above sea level
Caffeine: 20-30mg per cup.

16g The Tea House Earl Grey - Ingredients: Luxury Black Tea, Cornflower Petals, natural flavours.
Origin country: Sri Lanka, China
Caffeine: 27-35mg per cup.

17g Assam English Breakfast - Ingredients: Luxury Black Tea, Naturally Dried Safflower Petals.
Origin Country: Assam, India, (2nd Flush, June growth) Kericho, Kenya (Seasonal Quality Jan-Feb growth) Grown 500- 1500ft and 5500 - 6500ft above seal level
Caffeine: 27-35mg per cup.

2 Flowering Pods Of Mint And Blossoms Green Tea - Grown in China, Yunnan Province
2 Flowering Pods Of Amaranth And Jasmine Green Tea - Grown in China, Yunnan Province

This gift will be nicely wrapped.