Calming Chamomile 50g

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Luxury Egyptian Chamomile, grown in Nile River Delta Egypt.
The use of Chamomile can be traced back as far as 1550 BC to Egyp where egyptians used Chamomile for many purposes including treating illnesses and as a part of their religion.
In order to get such a high quality of Chamomile flowers they had to be grown in perfect conditions 500 ft above the sea level of sandy loam of the Nile.

This caffeine free herbal chamomile flower has many health benefits including relaxing and soothing effect on nervous system and is good mixing with other herbs or simply enjoying it on it's own.
It has a fruity taste with a light floral flavour. Perfect before bed time or simply to be enjoyed after a busy day.

One pouch contains 50g of Chamomile flowers.