1.1L Modern Glass Loose Leaf Teapot with 2 infusers

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Watch your tea come to life with this beautiful clear glass teapot with infuser!

This clear glass teapot comes with 2 removable infusers (one glass infuser and one stainless steel infuser).
It has been expertly crafted from heat resistant borosilicate glass and is a must have for your loose leaf teas and herbal infusions.
This 1.1L (37oz) teapot has a beautiful glass lid with glass infuser and addition steel infuser as well as a steel spring filter in the spout.

With a clear glass infuser located inside, this teapot is perfect for flowering tea.
The flowering teas look absolutrely stunning inside the teapot as the 1.1L capacity allows enough room for it to open up fully.
This clear glass loose leaf teapot infuser is perfect for 3-4 cups of tea (8-10oz cups).
The stainless steel infuser is very strong and stops the vast majority of herbs and tea leaves escaping.

This modern clear glass teapot with infuser is extremely easy to wash and easy to store.

Pack Contents : glass teapot, glass infuser, steel infuser, steel filter spring, glass lid.
Teapot Capacity : 1.1L (37oz).
Dimensions :
height: 145mm, width: 145mm, length: 214mm.
Brewing time : 2-5 minutes depending on tea variety.
Materials :
borosilicate glass, stainless steel.
Teapot Care: We always recommend to clean glass products by hand. Do not use any abrassive cleaning materials. Wash in warm soapy water and rinse thouroughly.