Black Tea

Black tea comes from Camellia SInensis plant. It's original birthplace is China.
Chinese started fermenting tea leaves in order to extend it's storage life.
By fermenting tea leaves they became darker in colour and that is how the name of a 'black tea' was born.

There are many types of tea and each of them are named after the region they are grown.
Teas grown in different areas have different flavours and charasteristics.
The most popular black teas are full bodied Assam, fruity and floral Darjeling and Sri Lankan Ceylon black teas.

Our loose leaf black teas have approximapety 27 - 35 mg of caffeine per cup.
It has less caffeine than a cup of coffee and still can keep you awake and energised.

Drinking black tea regularly is beneficial as it supports immune system and healthy blood pressure.

How to brew loose leaf black tea : boil water and let it cool down for 2 minutes.
Black teas are good to be brewed when the temperature of water reaches 92 Celcius.
Pour it over your tea and steep it for 3-5 min depending on how strong you like it.
You can add a splash of milk to your black tea to taste.


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